About the book

Jay Morrison, a novelist, helps Perry Savant, a retired, gay, New York City detective, in order to solve the murder of a popular, local female impersonator during the FantasyFest parade on Halloween. With an evangelical tent revival in town, the police, and most of the gay community, determine that what they have on their hands is an obvious hate crime ... or is it?

"At first, it seemed slow and I was going to give up, but I wanted to see
if it got any better. I'm glad I did! Turned out to be really good! Enjoy!!"

-Review From Google

"I was quite surprised in several places. I liked this book and wouldn't mind reading something else from this author."

-Review From Google

"I am a big fan of murder mysteries. It was an excellent story line. I was intrigued throughout the entire book. Also I was unable to figure the who done it? till the very end."

-review from Google