About Herb Sennett

Herb Sennett began writing novels at the age of sixty-five following a career in education and Christian ministry. Herb has been a teacher, a Baptist minister, a college professor, an army reserve officer. And now he’s a writer. Actually, he’s not sure what he wants to do when he grows up; but he’s having fun doing lots of different things.

Herb holds several college, seminary, and university degrees, including the Ph.D. from The Louisiana State University. His heart has always been in the nitty-gritty of teaching and helping people. He has done volunteer work with various charities, acted as a counselor and mentor to his students, and served for twenty-one years as a chaplain in the army reserves.  He also taught English and speech in high school for five years and spent nearly thirty-five years as a college professor in theatre and communication arts.

As if that wasn’t enough for one career, Herb has published two academic books in the areas of dramatic theory and theatre history and directed, designed, and/or produced three dozen theatrical productions in various venues throughout the Southeastern United States. Plus, he has written dozens of articles for trade and academic journals. 

Never busy enough, at the age of sixty he started Creative Illusions Films, a West Palm Beach production company, which produced a drama about two veterans dealing with the results of their war experiences in Vietnam titled A VETERAN AFFAIR. Starring Michael Winslow of “Police Academy” fame, the film uses the metaphor of a chess game to demonstrate how each man faces his own frustrations brought on by the ravages of combat, often referred to as PTSD. The film garnered Herb a nomination for best new director at the Christian Film Festival in U.K. in 2010.

Herb’s company has also produced the documentary, COMING HOME, about his own experiences as an army infantry officer in Vietnam.  That movie won critical acclaim at nearly a dozen film festivals across the country and was named best movie at the Re-Birth Fine Arts Festival in Jacksonville, Florida.

Now in his seventies, Herb is more active than ever with three novels published, two novels currently in development (that means he’s writing them) and managing seven websites including one for his HOA. Chances are he’ll never retire but will keep on writing for years to come.