The Reluctant General

“The Reluctant General” is unique in that it is a historical novel that is both true to the biblical record and historically accurate. Yet, it is a fictionalized version of the events about how two simple people, Deborah and Barak, lead an army of ten thousand Israelite farmers and hunters against the greatest army of the known world: the Canaanites. The story involves Barak’s journey from simple farmer to reluctant fighter to heroic general within the milieu of late Bronze Age hardship and cruelty.


Jay Morrison, a novelist, helps Perry Savant, a retired, gay, New York City detective, in order to solve the murder of a popular, local female impersonator during the FantasyFest parade on Halloween. With an evangelical tent revival in town, the police, and most of the gay community, determine that what they have on their hands is an obvious hate crime … or is it?


After being forcibly retired from his position as Deputy Chief of Departments for Criminal Investigations in the NYPD, Perry Savant is asked to help in an investigation of the deaths of homeless men in the metropolitan Miami area. The invitation comes from his old friend, Adolph Sanchez, who is serving as Chief of the Detectives at the Miami-Dade Sheriff Department. With the aid of Carolina Brown of FDLE, Perry soon suspects the one person who couldn’t possibly be involved: Fara Flambeau, the philanthropist whose funding makes most of the efforts to help and house the homeless in Miami-Dade possible.

Perry struggles against the clues that point directly to Fara Flambeau. But a battery of high-powered lawyers block every move he makes to investigate or charge her. Even after getting her into the court system, her lawyers prove resourceful and get the charges dismissed. Then Perry discovers the truth which shocks him and everyone else. Who would have known? Yet, is this the end of the story?

About The Author

Herb Sennett began writing novels at the age of sixty-five following a career in education and Christian ministry. Dr. Sennett has been a high school teacher, a Baptist minister, a college professor, an army reserve officer and now a writer. Actually, he’s not sure what he wants to do when he grows up, but he’s having fun doing lots of different things.

Herb holds several college and university degrees (including two doctorates), but his heart has always been in the nitty-gritty of daily ministry doing volunteer work with various charities, acting as a counselor and mentor to his students, and serving for twenty-one years as a chaplain in the army reserves. As if that wasn’t enough for one career, Herb has published two academic books in the area of Christian drama and theatre history. He has written dozens of articles for trade and academic journals and currently hosts a blog and several websites.

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